Vivid by ANTONIO MAC -Our Printing Solution for Sportswear

Individuals choose to engage in their respective sports wearing the proper sportswear fabrication that enables both style and functionality. At ANTONIO MAC we only use the most advanced technical materials. sophisticated fabrics and advanced features such anti-bacterial, quick drying, and breathable features.

By combining our revolutionary fabric technology with Vivid, we transfer a colored graphic permanently into the fabric regardless of the complexities of the design or logo. The color penetrates the fibers Infusing the design directly into respective fabric, producing clear radiant images that will not fade.

What is Vivid by ANTONIO MAC

Vivid by Antonio Mac is the application of applying complex designs directly to the fabric rather than on the fabric surface as seen in outdated methods.

Key Facts about Vivid

Formulated from a combination of all the other techniques like the thermal printing invented in the 1970s, our technique is the state-of-the-art.

Benefits of Vivid  

  • Our customers have the ability to achieve vibrant, glossy, and scratch resistant surfaces when it comes to our final garments


  • The ability to produce complex designs without barriers


  • 100% coverage of the garment


  • NO design restrictions


  • All garments are made to order and personalized, so you have the freedom to choose and print various logos and decoration anywhere on the garment


  • Produces clear Luminous images that do not fade


  • Create vibrant eye- catching colors and designs