To survive in the apparel industry in the future, you must move towards a digital workflow. Hiring more people to work harder and longer hours to speed up the workflow is not scalable or sustainable. The disruption will only come when the workflow shifts to automation.

In an industry where speed is no longer just an advantage – it is a requirement for survival. Production cycles have shrunk from months into weeks, as brands are trying to get from concept to shelf even faster than before.

We have used automation since 2013 for all our own brands and are now assisting other companies in this area for a sustainable future and speed to market. 3D enables designers to make multiple iterations & decisions immediately – without a physical prototype.

Do not wait for industry to force you to change – start now. The timing in which you adopt 3D will be one of your company’s most impactful business decisions.

To survive in the new era, digitizing the core product of the fashion industry, in this case designing, developing, and producing a garment with 3D, is crucial. Technology does not make a change on its own, you need the right product, the right people, and the right process to succeed.

Will you be part of this new era?

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